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"I Love My Dollshouse Home...the Kendal!"
I was pleased with the way I
was dealt with by Touch of Wood
(Your Dollshouse) when looking
for a special house, which by the
way, took twelve months to find!

They then built an excellent
house to my specifications which
I am more than happy with.

Nothing was too much trouble
to them.

-- Mrs Joan Muckian, Hepscott, UK
"A word is worth a thousand pictures!"

So sayeth we when
those words are glowing testimonials to
our products.

And we have received an amazing number of compliments and gracious support for our endeavors over the years. Wish we had all of the words recorded that have been sent our way, but who ever thinks they'll want to boast one day?

If you're one of our past customers and you've paid us a compliment and you don't see your name and/or picture here, PLEASE send again and we'll be sure to record you here (with your permission, of course!).

So browse about and
if we've been forgetful or shortsighted, correct us!!!!
"The Richmond. It is
   "We began collecting Your
   Dollshouse models when the
   company was called Touch
   Wood, when the company first

   We have several models now.
   Our most recent acquisition is
   the Richmond. It is a classic.

   With each of our purchases, the
   Hoults were extremely attentive
   and considerate of our needs.
   They promised a timely delivery
   and it was done.

   Each one is unbelievably detailed
   and the workmanship goes far
   beyond the norm. Excellent

   -- Jan Luxton, London, UK
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