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September 11, 2007

Our Custom Build Hand-Crafted Dollhouses

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One very attractive benefit that our customers rave about, time and time again, is our ability to provide top-quality, hand-crafted, unique, one-twelfth scale buildings.

By unique in this case, we mean that the ‘dollhouses’ are replicas, or special designs, of a …

September 8, 2007

Probably The Best Dollhouses On The Planet

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For some years now, we have been providing dollhouses to the planet. And the feedback has been terrific.

We have supplied our dolls housesĀ  to several countries and have continued to provide custom-build dollshouses to the collectors who want something special, …

November 20, 2006

Wood Wins Every Time!

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Without a doubt, the wooden dollhouse far exceeds in the quality,
the endurance of time, and the potential for detail, its
styrofoam, cardboard and plastic competitors. Wood has the touch
of the classic, lending itself to all sorts of architectural
expression from log …