Your Plan Or Ours?
The acme addition to a dollhouse collector's collection: the custom built doll house. All of Your Dollshouse / Touch Wood's stock designs were once 'custom' builds. Believe it!
Wood Wins Every Time!
The case for Wood as a building material for dollhouses is made here. Interesting perspectives most collectors would know but not think of.
Your Dollhouse Collection . It's All About YOU!
It's your collection, so you get to choose how it's going to express. In the perfect world, which is what your dollhouse collection becomes, you have selected the very best; a Your Dollshouse / Touch Wood dollhouse home!
The Dollhouse Collector
What is it about the miniature world of dollhouses we love so much? What urge to create our own little world lies within us? We gather those things around us that give us the most satisfaction in our lives. Yes, that's one reason.
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